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We are a community. As a community, all of us need to pay attention in ensuring it is a fair one. Discrimination can occur during the job interview, in team meetings or salary discussions. This often happens without intent, through unconscious biases or the preference of similar looking or acting people (homophily). It is therefore important to be aware of unconscious prejudices and to critically question our own behavior.

Sexualität muss egal sein
Haarfarbe muss egal sein

We are committed to a work environment where everyone is able to pursue their talents, free from prejudice or discrimination. To achieve this goal, #mussegalsein (must not matter) proves that everyone stands to benefit from diversity and that gender, age, sexuality, hair color, taste in music, and many other personal characteristics are irrelevant to the job.

With your fist but not with force! Show us which part of you doesn’t affect you doing a good job. Publish your post using the #mussegalsein hashtag and get involved in more, real diversity. Together we can create a better (working) world. Without fear of consequences, because the right job exists for everyone.

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Sexualität muss egal sein

Are You With Us?

The Why

The German law titled the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG) aims is to prevent or eliminate discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin, sex, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity.

Sexualität muss egal sein


Haarfarbe muss egal sein

Unconscious prejudices stem from stereotypes. Stereotyping causes discrimination. Unconscious bias is used by people to quickly form an opinion of others. Humans are more skeptical about the foreign, that is simply in our nature. These unconscious minds are designed to protect people, but this protection can cause - among other things - a problem in the recruiting process.

Raise Awareness

In our version of a better world, everyone gets to do the job they love. Every job is filled with the perfect talent.  Everyone feels valued and can help create something big, no matter where in the world they are.

Sexualität muss egal sein


 Are you ready for this world?

Real Diversity

Haarfarbe muss egal sein

Diversity stands for the representation of humans from different identity groups within the same organisational social system. Diversity of human individuals in the workforce in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc.

What is Real Diversity?

Diversity management is a concept in which diverse personnel is valued. Diversity is accompanied by clear competitive advantages. In many situations different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives help solve problems or develop innovations.

Sexualität muss egal sein

What is Diversity

Haarfarbe muss egal sein

In addition to the already sufficient reason that discrimination is immoral, there are many reasons for companies to employ a diverse group of people. It has been proven that employees of companies with a diverse workforce have both higher motivation and job satisfaction. There exists more tolerance and openness for ideas, which leads to more flexibility. Thus there is more creativity, opinions, and perspectives and there is no group thinking which, in turn, means a diverse clientele is reached.

Why Diversity Management?


More than 100 individuals and organizations have already taken part in the campaign and numerous media outlets have reported on #mussegalsein.

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